the legacy collection

the legacy collection

a new mixed media photo video heirloom session now available

The most important part of what we do is preserving memories for years to come. Each session is a chance to freeze a moment in time for every family. No matter the reason clients come, they’ll always have the photos we take together to remember this phase in their life. However, you can only accomplish so much with photography alone. There is a whole new level of emotion and sentiment that comes from capturing time together on video and adding it into the mix.

We are incredibly excited to introduce our newest session offering, The Legacy Collection. We’ve collaborated with our partnered cinematographer, to bring you a personally focused mixed media collection that produces an all-encompassing heirloom to be passed down for generations.  This special collection series is complete with a still photo/moving video film, wall art canvas, and a professional lay flat album. The idea to introduce The Legacy Collection came from a desire to offer something more to the beautiful families Expressions photograph’s year after year. While the pictures taken highlight growth, new interests, and family dynamics, a still shot can’t capture the sound of a child’s laughter or the stories of time together. Through video, you can listen to your sweet mom’s voice after she’s passed or watch as your silly uncle makes funny faces before finally smiling for the camera.

Family and relationships are incredibly important to us. Jamie visits her parents + grandparents weekly and is just as close to her seven first cousins as she is to my own siblings. It’s the real heart behind the business. Having the opportunity to highlight the bonds a family, big or small, share the most special task we can be entrusted with. After conducting our model family for this project, Jamie realized . . . . . this is the real deal.

THIS is the avenue we’ve been searching for that allows us to truly give a piece of our soul to every client. We want everyone that comes to Expressions to have lasting, tangible memories of a unique time in their life. It’s easy to have “photo session” on the brain when someone is celebrating a milestone birthday, graduating from high school, getting married or having a baby – but what about all the in between?  This phase you’re in now is just as important as those and it should be preserved with just as much care.

Each session is custom designed around your family’s favorite activities. Whether you love baking pies with your grandmother, prepping for a 5K, game night, cookouts, vacationing or sitting around a 60-year-old kitchen table with a hot cup of tea and an open door policy like Jamie’s family – we’ll capture the essence of what makes your family special. With every Legacy Collection session you will receive not only an album, prints, and canvas wall art from the day, but a feature film of our time together that includes interviews with family members, video footage and still photos to better recollect this chapter of your life. We’ll chat and tell stories of favorite memories. There will definitely be laughing, maybe even some crying, but in the end, you’ll have a gift more precious than anything you can find on a retail shelf.

The Legacy Collection is open to all types of photo sessions to fully capture your current stage of life, so if you’ve just got engaged, are celebrating 50+ years together or anything in between this collection is for you. Legacy is designed not only feature immediate high school seniors, couple or families, but extended families as well. Call up your siblings, parents, cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles and get ready to experience family photos like you’ve never had them before! Ten years from now, you’ll wish you had.

I can’t wait to truly capture your families memories the way they were meant to be preserved – authentically + beautifully.          



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