when should you book your wedding photographer?


and schedule your pre-wedding sessions

When you first get engaged, your excitement level is through the roof – and for good reason! You’ve just said yes to your best friend and now you get to spend forever together. You’ve probably been planning your wedding in your head for months anticipating the day he finally popped the question. Now that you’re finally a fiance it time to start planning.

You have to set your budget, decide on colors, choose your wedding party and book the perfect team of vendors to help you bring it all to life. But with an ever growing to-do list, what’s a new bride supposed to do first? Better yet, when are you supposed to book the perfect photographer.

Finding and booking your wedding photographer should be one of the first wedding planning tasks you accomplish – but not the first. While you can start doing your research right after (or even before!) you get engaged, it’s best to wait until you’ve accomplished a few other tasks first.

The first step in planning should always be to set and allocate your budget. It’s important to know how much you’re able to invest in a professional photographer before falling in love with one only to find out he or she is out of budget.

After setting and allocating your budget, you’ll want to get some date options from your dream venue. While some venues do have a list of preferred vendors, the bigger concern is having dates you can send to potential photographers when inquiring. Without a venue and a date, how will you know if that photographer that you love is available?

Once you sign the contract at your dream venue, you can finally book the perfect photographer and schedule each of your pre-wedding sessions including engagement photos and a boudoir session.

When should I schedule my engagement photos?

Engagement photos are something every couple should have done which is why I include a complimentary engagement session with each wedding package. While you can schedule your engagement session at any time, scheduling them at least 3 months out from your wedding date is best.. Having them done before then allows time for your session to be edited and all the fun things to be made from your gorgeous images like prints to display at your wedding festivities and save the dates!

When should I schedule my boudoir session?

If you choose to do a bridal boudoir session, scheduling it in conjunction with your hair and makeup trial is a fabulous idea so you feel your most beautiful after being made over. Generally this takes place about three months before your wedding. However, with a boudoir session, timing is less important than you feeling confident and gorgeous! If your end goal for this session is to make a “little black book” for your groom in time for you wedding day, make sure to leave enough time for your album to be designed, edited and printed – six to eight weeks.

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