people buy from people so let's show 'em what you're workin' with!

that's our specialty

Wouldn’t it be incredible to nod your head I Dream of Jeannie style to
update your marketing efforts and get you connected with your ideal client,
showing not only what you do but the heart behind your business?

While I can’t instantaneously make that happen. I can tell you that ideal
clients are closing the tab to your website in a puff of smoke unless you’re
showing them they can trust you (hello consistent and intentional brand photos)
and a reason to use your services/products within 7 seconds.

The perfect clients are waiting for you to show up in a way they can connect with, but fulfilling current client needs, attacking your never-ending to-do list, and producing top-notch service leave very little room for you to snap photos of all the incredible things you are doing! Not to mention, inconsistent lighting and color tones lead to a decrease in trust within a brand. Plus - understanding content pillars and visually representing brand messaging can kind of make your head spin, unless you LOVE this sort of thing - Good thing it’s my jam!

capture clients' attention and convert 2x in sales with branding photography

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simple plans

Brands ALWAYS need more content and there is never enough time to create the amount of consistent content you need. I'd LOVE to help you fill in the gaps and bring your marketing vision to life!

Our first step is utilizing the branding questionnaire which enables us to start creating a strategic photo plan - getting you the images that are truly valuable to your business no matter which collection you choose!

fill out the inquiry form and
tell me about your business.

Make it official (sign your
agreement and select your package)

deep dive into your business messaging, services/products and future direction.

personalized content plan that
Fully represent your business.

enjoy purposeful, impactful photos for your website, social, email sequences, and more!

the jfc process

"Jamie has such a talent for capturing photos in a fresh and unique way!

She took the time to learn about my business and then came up with fun and creative ways to showcase my products. She made the whole shoot easy and fun and I'm excited to have so many great images to promote my small business!"


"Jamie's attention to every little business and fun-loving spirit made our time together so much fun!

It was a seamless experience the entire time; from the planning states (where to shoot to get the 'feel' we wanted) right on through to delivery of timeless photos that truly captured our personalities."


"I highly recommend working with jamie! she's a wonderful artist, person and professional!

Jamie is an amazingly talented photographer! She made me feel so at ease and comfortable. The shots she captured exceeded my expectations! Jame took the time to really listen to my needs and what I was hoping to achieve and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her."


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