Unfortunately, they don't just hand you the Start Your Photography Business 101 guide when you registered for your business license. No matter how much we want to, we can’t just “Skip to the good part." However, we CAN learn from people who have been there. People who genuinely love this industry and are passionate about helping other photographers to flip the statistics of never seeing year five. 

I get it, sitting in front of the computer doesn’t sound exactly like a jump for joy moment, but if you are willing to raise your hand and say, "Yes, I’m here to do the work," the most purposeful education resources are right at your fingertips to guide you through. They're intentionally created not just to see you stay in the game, but actually THRIVING in abundance with both your time and income! 

you should be present for all of it (and that's exactly what I've helped HUNDREDS of people do!).

helping photographers serve the communities they love and build
the lives they deserve.

the purposeful brand photographer course

Are you ready to gain financial freedom, maintain a stress-free booking calendar without sacrificing your weekends? 

The Purposeful Brand Photographer Course might just be for you!

What can you expect from the actual content? Your time is valuable, and this constitutes more of a meat and potatoes type deal, no fluff around here (unless it’s the marshmallow kind!) 

There are live components for you to enjoy and shake things up a little, unique opportunities to actually meet in person and for those who really want to have an all access pass, I’ll see you inside 1-on-1 mentorships.

from stale to sCROLL sTOPPing

3 ways to level up your own
photography business with branding photos

Let's peel back the layers and better connect you with your ideal client by showing the real person behind your amazing business!

The legacy course

What happens when you no longer settle for surface level happiness, really lean into lifestyle photography, serve your people well and create an opportunity where clients can truly preserve their legacy.

not sure which course is for you?

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A place where you can connect with like-minded photographers who are building their dream businesses to serve their lives, and not the other way around!

Together, we thrive with the "How can I help?" mentality, develop the best client experiences and, believe in community over competition!

I am so excited to connect you with your next "Biz Bestie" in our positive, uplifting corner of the internet!

the jamie fisher education community


Whether you’re looking to serve better in client experience, firm up workflows + CRM set-up, intentionally set business goals, create project management and launch systems and strategies or looking for 1-on-1 open business support - I’m here for you!

Do the work most people won't so you can live the life that most people cant.

Start a conversation and inquire below. I'd love to support you as you grow your business!