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you preserve life's

sweetest seasons


sweetest seasons

Purposeful branding, lifestyle + wedding photography rooted in legacy literally speaks to my soul! The best part? You get to leverage over 14 years of experience with me in your back pocket. And I get the honor of supporting the next generation of photographers in building businesses that serve incredible clients and support the life they’ve dreamed of. 

So whether you’re here to be in front or behind the camera - I’m genuinely so happy to have you here in this little nook of the internet. Together we can make magic happen. 

Kind of a sweet gig - huh?
Sweet, yes. Easy, no - but that’s why you’re here. 

Let’s dive in!


and deserve to not only be uncovered

but also told, captured and

best stories

come from the simple

shared purposefully

oh hey! i'm jamie!

your work hard, play hard photographer

I run a legacy, wedding and branding photography business that also serves other photographers just like you. I believe in practicing what you preach to be able to truly know how to serve others best is the name of the game. But no one can pour from an empty cup. 

In other words, I’m a grandma-loving, newborn smelling, cackle laughing, cheering on the sideline until my voice is hoarse photography business mentor and photographer. Who will be all in for you, capturing your memories or propelling your business forward so that when the auto-reply goes up we can all be clinking our glasses, holding hands, and flipping through pages reliving the magic!

 the team!

savor your



Which usually happens in the in-between 

In between taking getting to the terminal gate and boarding the plane, returning that email and getting your second cup of coffee, feeling the rush and actually saying I love you, putting on your shoes and walking down the isle, being pregnant one minute and a mother the next, helping brush teeth and kissing goodnight, being a parent and now a grandparent . . . . .

In-between, In-between, In-between is where life happens.

Everyone has a story - the question will yours be told?

"Working with Jamie has been a phenomenal experience!

She is so outgoing and has made us feel comfortable with every session. We are very grateful to have chosen her as our wedding photographer and look forward to using her for other lifestyle sessions in the future!"


"Can't say enough about how awesome jamie is!

She's super easy-going (which definitely makes the picture-taking process go so much smoother), while still maintaining a high degree of professionalism. She always has the best ideas and angles for the perfect shot, putting a big focus on even the smallest of details."


"To say our time together was fantastic is an understatement!"

She told us exactly what to do when we weren't sure and made us laugh the whole time which in turn led to our photos being full of actual smiles and not the fake kind. She has the kind of personality that simply lights up any room!"



With zero barrier to entry, this industry can be tricky to navigate and entrepreneurship can feel lonely - especially when you don’t know where to begin or are feeling stuck.

Come say hi, explore purposeful resources built just for you and discover a community that welcomes you with open arms!

education for photographers

the purposeful branding course

The Purposeful Brand Photographer course - Are you ready to gain financial freedom, maintain a stress-free booking calendar without sacrificing your weekends? 

The Purposeful Branding Course might just be for you! Want a sneak peek? Click here for a free resource and an invite to our free education group.

the legacy course

What happens when you no longer settle for surface level happiness, really lean into lifestyle photography, serve your people well and create an opportunity where clients can truly preserve their legacy.