Life happens in the in-between, not in posed shutter clicks.

that's our specialty

It would be amazing if you could blink your eyes a little harder and instantly capture that moment safe forever where you could pull it out on a slow Saturday morning. That is a bit beyond what we are capable of at the moment and, most of the time, us ladies would be rockin' a messy bun. Not knockin’, just speaking my own truth. But it isn’t about that, it’s not about making sure that everything is perfect.

it's about how all those moments, the ones you want to remember, feel.

That’s the whole reason we want to remember them in the first place! They make our senses go crazy and find their place into our core memory bank, but what happens when our very human brains start to age and forget…what happens when our most treasured moments only live digitally and with every tick of the clock we run the risk of them being lost, corrupted and forever lost on outdated tech?

It’s time to truly LIVE your life, and remember your most treasured moments.

what happens when you celebrate the (im)perfect?


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Calling all mom’s-to-be, growing families and milestone moments in the making! All maternity, newborn, children and family sessions are photographed in a lifestyle manner giving you more of a true reflection of what the joyful parts of this season of life is like right now.

With three little souls at home, I know first hand how fleeting time can be and you’ll wish you paused a moment to freeze. It won’t be like this for long. 

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Enjoy and relive through heirloom albums, prints and social sharing.

"Jamie was so fun to work with!

She was so kind and just great at what she does! We loved the photos and had a great time getting the shots. Thank you, Jamie!"


"I would recommend jamie to anyone!

She is a very experienced photographer who takes time to get to know you to make the session to fit to you personally. She has a great, loving, and patient personality."


"Jame is incredibly talented.

Not only is she fantastic behind the camera, but she is incredibly personable. She was able to offer suggestions so that our pictures felt natural, while capturing the perfect moment."


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