taylor + stephen | engaged


Creating the perfect session for each client is a matter of getting to know them, their interests, what makes them who they are and most importantly what their relationships are all about. When you become part of the EBJ family your experience is crafted just for you to make you the most at ease in front of the camera allowing your truest self to shine through. For every client that will look different. For some it means a special trip to your favorite ice cream shop, or an anniversary celebration at the carnival, for others it’s an afternoon at home. For Taylor + Stephen it was a day at the vineyard.

From Taylor: He is the most funny, witty, loving and charismatic person I have ever met. I tend to be instantly “standoffish” towards guys when I first meet them (and years later haha!), but there was something different about him. He has this way of making everyone around him feel important which might explain why we can’t go anywhere without him knowing someone. Steve’s the kind of person you love to be around because he just enjoys life and refuses to let anything get him down for too long. He wants everyone to be just as happy and have just as good of a time as he is, which is why sometimes his bar tabs are a little outrageous. I think you know a relationship is right when you both naturally become better people and that’s what has happened to us. I’ve never believed in soulmates before I met him, but there’s no other way to describe us.

Taylor + Stephen’s Linganore Winecellars engagement session was one for the books. The lush green vines created the perfect backdrop and an ideal spot to lay down a blanket to capture some intimate shots of the happy couple. Watching these two together, it’s like the rest of the world disappears. All they see is each other and that’s such an amazing thing to witness.

From Stephen: If I had to describe Taylor I would say she is the best part of my life! She is the most caring and respectful woman I have ever met. She is also the best mother and step mother I could ask for. She puts everyone else in her life first and makes sure they are all taken care of before herself. She deserves the world! She is also amazingly beautiful and her smile melts my heart. I truly couldn’t live my life without her and she makes myself and everyone else around her a better person. I believe she was brought into my life for a reason and I am blessed to call her my fiancé and can’t wait to be her husband.

For their engagement session, Taylor brought along two outfits. While she started the day in a gorgeous off the shoulder white dress, she finished it in a fun pink tulle skirt. Something as simple as changing your outfit can completely change the vibe of your session. Our time together started out intimate and romantic and finished as playful and fun.

Once changing into her tulle skirt, they started dancing between the vines and you could tell how much fun they have together every day. One of my favorite parts of their session was the bike we incorporated at the end. It was the perfect unexpected piece to use to play up the lighthearted feel of their engagement.

Taylor + Stephen, spending the afternoon with you at Linganore was a blast. It’s clear to all who meet you how much you truly love and respect each other. I’m excited for your wedding this year and know that it will be even more beautiful and fun than your engagement session!