kelly + richie | anniversary


ice cream parlor anniversary session

Over the past couple of months I have been working hard on a new style guide. When clients book a session, I’m often asked for tips on what to wear and fun, different location ideas. I’m excited to have a complete magazine style guide to be able to send to each new client including photos from this session!

My sister, Kelly and her husband, Richie graciously volunteered to be my models! They celebrated seven years of marriage this year so it served as a perfect anniversary celebration.

What Kelly loves about Richie: He is obnoxiously inappropriate at all times. Because of this, our fights usually end with me laughing and then being mad that I did. He will do absolutely anything for anyone and is a good sport about being volunteered for things. He’s the best dad and can be rough and tumble with Riley then turn around and try to put Olivia’s hair in a pony tail. He’s a stud, especially in a baseball uniform. He’s ambitious and goal-oriented in his career. Above all, he is kind, caring, sensitive and fun.

What Richie loves about Kelly: She is kind, intelligent and stunningly beautiful. She has a sense of humor and raises our children with such love and compassion. She is determined, thoughtful and always puts our family above herself. Kelly keeps me grounded grounded and can always put me at ease when I’ve had a rough day.

I’ll be using parts of their session to highlight out of the box photo shoot location ideas such as an ice cream shop. What better place to use than Gettysburg’s best, Mr. G’s! Mr. G’s is a favorite of our whole family and such a fun place to shoot.

The manager, Mike could not have been a better person to work with. He graciously opened the doors early for us that day allowing us some alone time in the shop. Dressed to impress, Kelly + Richie hopped behind the counter to make their own ice cream. They had such a blast and I just love how these images turned out.

A large portion of my style guide highlights different outfits and color combinations that will make your session stand out. Kelly + Richie’s outfits were all about the details. Kelly wore a blush pink floor length gown with a sweetheart neckline and lace overlay. Richie and his gray suit coordinated with her perfectly. His accessories including a blush and gray check tie, tie clip and brown belt that matched his shoes set his look apart. Adding layers and texture through accessories is a simple way to make a big impact in your images.

Mr. G’s is a great location option for a number of reasons. Not only do you get to enjoy some delicious ice cream, but the building outside has some amazing architectural details. It’s brick walls and white picket fence provide a perfect setting for capturing more intimate photos. They even have two hook and toss games ideal for having even more fun after you’re done with your ice cream.

After Kelly + Richie’s session was over, I offered to take some shots of the shop for Mike which you’ll soon see on their Facebook page They also recently opened a gift shop at behind the ice cream parlor where they sell some amazing gifts including ice cream scented candles of each of their flavors.

The neatest thing you can get your hands on in the shop is products from what they call the Witness Tree. When Mike first purchased the property to build the ice cream shop, there was a pre-Civil War tree that had to be removed. When they went to cut the tree down, they found an old bullet inside. Mike cut the section with the bullet out, had it preserved and it’s now on display in the gift shop.

To keep the history of the property alive, he had the remainder of the tree re-purposed into the tables inside the ice cream parlor. He even took slices of the smaller branches and had designs wood burned into them. They now sell these ornaments in the gift shop for guests can take home a piece of history with them when they visit.

Mike, thank you for allowing me to highlight how special your shop is. It’s a favorite of our families and I can’t wait to get my hands on an ice cream scented candle!.

Kelly + Richie, thank you for volunteering to model for this session. You both looked stunning and I’m so glad you have these images to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary!