taylor | family


wintery outdoor extended family session

Family can look different for each of us. Over the years I’ve come to learn it’s less about blood relation and more about a people that love you endlessly, always support you, have your best interest at heart and are there for you no matter what.

Inspired by The Legacy Collection, Marrie asked me if I would be interested in doing an extended family session for her 16 year old daughter Taylor. Taylor’s parents divorced when she was young and while her dad, Josh, has always been a part of her life, her step-dad Travis helped raise her as well.

Taylor’s family represents a true modern family with Marrie, Travis and Josh’s families all supporting Taylor and each other threw thick and thin. Taylor’s step-dad Travis is my cousin and I’ve had the privilege of getting to see this family flourish over the years. I was honored when Marrie asked me to capture their dynamics and love the idea she had put together.

While a few members of the family were unable to travel for the session, it served as an (almost) complete family tree for Taylor including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even great grandparents. These images are ones she’ll cherish for years to come and allow her to show her future family where she comes from.

The other amazing thing about this session was also being able to capture the individual couples and families within the big family. Some of them, like my aunt and uncle, hadn’t had professional photos taken together since Marrie and Travis married twelve years ago.

Marrie, thank you for asking me to capture Taylor’s incredibly special family bond for her. I know she is going to love having these pictures to look back on and see all of the people that love her and helped make her who she is.