sunflower field mini sessions


I met Channon through a Fourth of July event I captured for the country club a couple of years ago. When Valley View Acres in Middletown, Maryland, opened their sunflower field for the first time this year, Channon reached out and asked if I would be interested in bringing any clients out. I jumped at the idea and put together an offering for a sweet summer mini session. 

I was surprised the sunflowers were blooming this early in this early in the season, but the field was full of golden yellow blooms that served as the perfect backdrop to capture these families. 

chelsie | three year old milestone

The first mini session I captured this year was for birthday girl Chelsie. Like many moms, Stefanie wanted to preserve the memory of who her little girl is at this age. Three is such a fun age to capture because they are more energetic, expressive and comfortable in front of the camera. At three, kids aren’t afraid to be exactly who they are and let their true personalities shine bright. Chelsie was no exception and it was so fun to capture her as she explored the sunflower field. 

From Stefanie: Our little girl is shy at first, but full of personality and energy. Chelsie loves seeing animals, pretending to go on “bear hunts”, wearing fancy shoes and sharing vanilla ice cream. She’s such a blessing in our lives. Happy 3rd birthday! We love you so much! 

ashley + brian | family

Ashley + Brian are long time JFC clients. I’ve had the honor of capturing their family since their oldest son was a newborn. Their two oldest boys have birthdays that are close together so every year we do a family session around that time that also doubles as a milestone session for Padraig and Seamus. But, their youngest son Cabhan’s birthday is quite a bit before his older brothers. Our sunflower mini sessions fell at the perfect time to capture the whole family right around Cabhan’s birthday.

Ashley always chooses the perfect outfits for her family’s session. They coordinate without matching and always suit the environment were in. For this session, she chose a color scheme of blue, white and yellow. The summery theme fit the sunflower field perfectly and the whole family looked adorable!

andrew + jessica | family

Andrew + Jessica are friends of Ashley + Brian’s who referred this sweet family to me. Just last year they welcomed their third daughter, Charlotte who completed this family of five. She joins big sisters Abigail and Emily who are thrilled to have another little sister!

From Jessica: I’d like to say that we are enjoying the breath of fresh air with having Charlotte with us this last year. She has allowed us to stop and slow down a bit when we can and enjoy the growth of her over the last year. Abby being 8 years older than her often says, I don’t remember when Emily was this little so I love being able to see Char Char (as we call her) learn new words, walk, and laugh. So essentially – she is everyone’s baby! 

Stefanie, Ashley and Jessica – thank you for exploring the sunflower fields with me and letting me capture your beautiful families. This season of life looks a little different for each of you but you’re each connected through #JFfamilies and I’m excited to see the relationships you form through the community!