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One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet incredible new people all the time. Through referrals from previous clients or even social media, some of the most genuine and authentic people enter my life and create such a lasting impact on myself and my business. Rachel with Pine Hill Marketing is one of those people.

Rachel was referred to me by JFC branding client Tamara & Company and I could not be more thankful that Tamara connected us. Rachel is the owner of Pine Hill Marketing which specializes in helping women grow their businesses and reach their ideal customers. As a mom herself, Rachel knows the daily struggle of trying to find the balance between work life and mom life. She infuses herself into every aspect of her brand and wanted that to show in her branding session.

When looking through previous branding sessions I had done, she immediately felt a connection to Travel Pro Theory’s session at Brio Coffee House in Waynesboro. Rachel and her family are regulars at Brio and she knew it would be the perfect personal spot to capture her new headshots and images for her website. 

From Rachel: I got started working virtually in 2013 after my husband’s military schedule required frequent relocation. That made continuing in my education career really challenging. I worked at a few agencies helping clients with their businesses and grew to really love it! Now, I run my own business working with clients all over the world to manage and grow their businesses. I believe all business owners deserve to have the support they need to grow and market their businesses effectively and with integrity. Often, “marketing” is viewed as a dirty word because it’s associated with pushy, annoying sales tactics. In reality, GOOD marketing matches the perfect audience with a product or service that actually helps and serves them. I love helping my clients identify the customers they can best serve and grow their businesses as they intentionally serve their customers!

Rachel is such an inspiration and truly embodies everything she and Pine Hill Marketing stand for. The day of our session, Rachel had planned to leave her two young boys at home with her husband while she met me at Brio. The day did not go as planned. Her husband had to stay at work longer than expected so Rachel did what any hardworking, passionate mompreneur would do – she brought both boys to the session with her! 

Rachel didn’t call me on her way to let me know they were coming. She didn’t try to reschedule. She showed her boys what commitment and dedication to something you’re passionate about means. Even though her morning didn’t go as planned, she didn’t let that stop her from a commitment she made to herself. It made such an impact on me that she felt comfortable enough with me to just move ahead, boys in tow. (Insert happy dance here!)

Rachel, I am so glad Tamara referred you to me. Seeing your passion and dedication to what you do was amazing and watching you so effortlessly balance your business and motherhood was an inspiration. I can’t wait to see how you influence the world!