jessmith designs | workshop


Since becoming a founding leader of the Gettysburg chapter of the Rising Tide Society’s TuesdaysTogether, I’ve met an incredible group of local creative entrepreneurs. We’ve supported each other, helped each other grow and expanded our reach far beyond our wildest dreams. Through this group I’ve worked with some of the greatest people including Tamara & Company, Heather Christopher Travel, Board and Brush, Pampered Chef by Colleen Gouge, Jester’s Computers and now JesSmith Designs.

Jess and I have collaborated on a session before when she provided the beautiful calligraphy agate pieces for the Legacy Session of my grandparents, Jean + Jim. When Jess decided to add workshops to her offerings this year, I jumped at the opportunity to capture one for her to use for marketing.

This workshop took place in Harrisburg at The Mill Works. If you’ve never been to The Mill Works before, it’s a really cool brewery and restaurant with artist studios on the second level. Artists can rent the studios to work or host workshops and they can display their work for guests to see. It was the perfect environment for this fun experience.

Jess put on one of the best workshops!. The amount of time and skill that goes into creating one letter, let alone is an entire piece of artwork is nothing short of amazing. But, Jess has such patience and a knack for breaking down this detailed art into a way everyone can understand. She even had a small camera mounted overtop to her pen to easily teach the specific motions for each letter.

This event was not only a blast for all who came but a truly special moment for one father daughter duo. A few months prior to the workshop he lost his wife and she her mother. Before passing away she made a bucket list that unfortunately wasn’t able to be completed. In her honor, her husband and daughter are fulfilling each item left on her bucket list. It was so touching to see them carrying on the memory of their loved one in a way that creates new memories for the two of them.

Jess, thank you for letting me capture your new offering. It was such a fun experience and I loved getting to learn the art so I can hopefully create a little piece for my girls. I can’t wait to attend another workshop and bring friends along with me for a fun night out!