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This holiday season got even sweeter when I shot adorable three day old Garrett. Garrett’s mom and dad, Becky + Bret, contacted me after seeing sessions of our mutual friends, Katie + Troy and Holly + Steve. Baby Garrett was so tiny and such a joy to spend time with.

I joined the whole family including big sisters Charlotte + Evelyn at their home to capture all of Garrett’s sweet newness. His newborn scent captivated me during the whole session as he laid like a perfect angel. It made capturing his little features a breeze. I could have shot them all day!

We shot Garrett’s newborn photos in Becky + Bret’s master bedroom. Becky had it decorated perfectly looking like a display at Target it was so beautiful. In fact, I complimented many of her items to which she quickly replied “That’s from Target!” to all of them. It was so fun spending time and chatting all things Target with another fan of the retailer.

From Becky: Some favorite memories of the season is baking cookies (of course!). My mom (well, Bret’s too) always used to make lots of cookies and it was something I always looked forward to. Evelyn has already started to help me out, so I hope it continues with her. We also love getting the tree. We always do cut your own, so I always like watching my family stroll through the rolling hills of trees as we hunt the perfect one. Bret, going to school for forestry, always being an outdoorsy guy, was into logging sports in college and it is always something I’ve loved about him. Watching him stroll through the trees, saw in hand, ready to do his daddy duties and cut the tree down and then carry it to the car is something that always brought those feelings in me out again. And of course, getting together with the family for dinner on Christmas day. My family seems to rarely get together anymore (unless I plan something…honestly!) and Bret and I have already taken the role of hosting Christmas over already. I love having the family actually get together and I love having my inner hostess come out. I try to think of all the little and usually unnecessary things one “needs” for a dinner party, and I also make them put props on and take selfies in front of some sort of backdrop. I love forcing everybody downstairs for our yearly silly portraits!

Our children couldn’t be more different. Evelyn is sweet and usually timid. She loves her baby dolls (and now Garrett is just another baby doll) and she loves mothering. Charlotte is much like my sister…she will definitely rule the roost! Even though she cannot talk yet, she definitely has a voice and opinion of her own! But oddly enough, she’s Daddy’s couch sitting buddy; something Evelyn was not much into.

Bret and I already feel bad for Garrett, as he’ll have two sisters to contend with. Thus far all he has a mind to do is eat and sleep (except of course when photos are being taken!) so I hope he remains his laid back self. I’m sure he’ll be Daddy’s farm and hunting buddy. Bret already talks about what gun to start him out on! I hope that having sisters will teach him to be kind and gentle…but we’ll see! 

One of my favorite moments from our session was watching Charlotte + Evelyn around their new baby brother. They could not have been sweeter as they were putting to practice what they learned on how to act around a new little baby. Their cautious actions were precious and showed how much they love and care for baby Garrett.

By the end of our session Garrett had fallen asleep (as newborn usually do). Before leaving I told Becky that following a newborn session is when babies tend to sleep the longest. Hoping the trend would continue for her, she texted me two and a half hours later to let me know Garrett was still sound asleep. It’s must be hard work being so sweet!

Becky + Brett, thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home to capture your precious baby boy. He is absolutely perfect and I know he brings so much joy to you and his big sisters. I can’t wait to see him grow.