ashleigh + eric | family


I love family sessions that incorporate every element of family life. Preserving your relationships, your favorite family activities and your kid’s favorite toys through images are so important to every family’s story. It’s your legacy that you’ll pass down for generations. 

Ashleigh + Eric welcomed their second little love, Trevor, two months ago. They’ve put an emphasis on capturing their family moments and while they did newborn photos of Trevor when he was born, they wanted this session to focus on different parts of their story. 

I met Ashleigh + Eric through my sister Kelly. Nora and my niece Olivia were in school together and they all live in the same neighborhood. Ashleigh had been admiring Kelly’s family photos for years (I always joke my sister has more pictures of her family than I do of mine!) and with the arrival of baby Trevor, she knew it was finally time to schedule one for herself. 

Since Trevor is so young, we captured their family by doing an in-home session. Getting the whole family together in Ashleigh + Eric’s master bedroom was a great spot to utilize because everyone felt comfortable there. A major upside to having photos taken in your home is any image you have printed from your session will automatically coordinate with your decor!

From Ashleigh: This is such a fun (and exhausting!) season of our life.  Both of our babies were miracles, but we didn’t think we’d be fortunate enough to eventually be a family of four!  Trevor has blessed our family beyond measure and we are so excited to be in this current season with an active, sweet, smart 3-year-old and now a newborn too.  Nora has been verging on being a teenager for a couple years already (ha!), and now she’s really showing her maturity while helping with all things baby. She’s constantly telling us how much she loves us all. Trevor has changed SO much in the last two months, that I may need new professional family photos every month going forward!!

Even though this wasn’t a newborn session for Trevor, I couldn’t resist capturing his little features. At just two months old, his sweet baby fingers, toes and eyelashes are still so tiny and perfect! Ashleigh, Eric + Nora all love this little guy so much. We even got a few special request images in preparation of Trevor’s upcoming baptism and capturing sweet simple  moments of Trevor in an antique batismal gown worn by now at least four generations of men in the family. My heart melted doing these and will be photos treasured forever.

Ending our session was extra sweet (hint, hint). We incorporated part of their everyday life and the things they love doing together. Particularly in the fall, one of their favorite family activities is making homemade applesauce. They make a batch regularly and Nora absolutely loves getting in the kitchen to help. Her face lit up when it was time to grab some apples. This family tradition is part of their legacy and I’m so glad I was able to capture (and taste test) it!

Ashleigh + Eric, thank you for inviting me into your home to capture your beautiful family. Trevor is absolutely adorable and I loved experiencing apple sauce making with Nora. Can’t wait to work with you all again!