3 reasons why you need branded photos for your business


You’ve come up with a name and decided on your offerings and prices. You’ve filed for your business license and secured an office space. You’ve taken a headshot and had a professional logo designed. You’ve started posting on social media and you’re already booking clients. You think you’ve checked all the boxes to run a successful business.

However, in this day and age, it takes more than a logo, headshot and competitive pricing to be successful. We’re living in a digital age and, now more than ever, consumers rely on visuals to make their buying decisions.

Your ideal client is not only considering the product or service you offer and your price point, they’re also considering how you present yourself across all media platforms. To them, a consistent visual presence that reflects your brand is just as important as who you are and what you do. It shows that you value your business, the way it’s presented and that you’ll provide them with quality.

How do you create this focused visual presence though? A perfectly packaged solution that will eliminate client confusion and focus on the value you bring to the table is professional branded photos. Branded photos are a key aspect in attracting new clients and here are three reasons why you need them for your business.

They make a strong impression.

Before someone ever picks up the phone to schedule a consultation or adds your product to their shopping cart, they’re checking out your website, studying your images and even scrolling through your Instagram feed. The images you’re presenting are your buyers first impression of you and your business and, we all know you can only make one first impression. Shouldn’t it be a great one? Professional branded images help you put your best foot forward and start creating trust with your clients before you ever speak with them.

You create brand recognition.

The most successful companies in the world all have one thing in common – brand recognition. Without using the name of their business, companies like Apple, Tiffany’s and Coca-Cola can be recognized from afar simply because of their consistent branding. While fonts, logos, symbols and colors all play an important role in this, so does imagery. Having a consistent, professional visual presence across all platforms will help create consumer trust and puts you at the forefront of your client’s mind at all times. For example, we recently did a branded session for Heather Christopher Travel. Heather’s logo includes a pineapple which we captured in a number of ways and she uses consistently throughout each element of her branding, including her images. Now, every time her clients see a pineapple, they think of Heather and the next trip they want her to plan for them. Clients even send her pineapple trinkets as a thank you.  

You make a stronger connection with your audience

While branded images are great for creating trust, they also allow you to build a stronger connection with your audience. In a branded session we not only capture every detail of your process, but we capture the personality behind the brand. You are your business and sharing your story is important. Capturing an authentic version of you helps build a stronger connection with your audience before you even speak to them.

As you can see, branded photos are incredibly important to building trust, creating a strong impression, building brand recognition and having an authentic connection with your audience. However, they aren’t a one and done type of session.

Just like with family or milestone sessions, I suggest you update your branded images yearly. This keeps your headshots current, your website and social media profiles fresh and ensures it’s in line with your current brand and offerings – all of which are a must for businesses today.

Interested in scheduling a branded session for your business? Contact me today for more information and be sure to check our most recent sessions for Tamara & Co. and Heather Christopher Travel.