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new associate photographer for Expressions

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I am excited to be doing something that I’ve loved since I was a little one. Photography gives me the opportunity to help others remember and cherish the little moments in life. Some of the things I love the most are sitting and looking back on moments from the past, like my parents wedding album and seeing how young everyone looked, or looking back on family photos and learning about people who you may have never met like the great-great grandparents. They don’t call them the greats for nothing!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a few things about me, I cannot wait to get to know you.

– Colleen –



You know we couldn’t properly introduce Colleen without giving you 5 fun facts!

So here they are – we hope you enjoy this little glimpse of our new team member.

5 Fun Facts:

1| Most important thing to know about me. Ice cream is my #1 food group! You can never go wrong with Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, or a Reese Cup Blizzard.

2| I am not a huge movie or tv watching fan. As a child, you would find me speed stacking or juggling anything and everything I could!

3| I love music. Country, Christian, 80’s, pretty much everything! They called me jukebox in high school because I was singing all the time. A favorite summertime activity of mine is windows down, music up, jamming on the back roads!

4| I started learning the life lesson of working at the ripe ole age of 8 or so working for our family business (auto mechanic shop), sweeping and cleaning to make money to hopefully one day buy my first vehicle. I have since graduated to being that smile that greets you when you first walk in the door or the one who shows ya how it’s done by changing your tires in no time flat.

5| In high school, I went to Vo-tech for Culinary Arts. I enjoyed learning the dining room while serving and interacting with others. My second favorite part was baking. I LOVE sweets and help my aunt with her cake business here and there. My favorite cake so far was a Minion for my sisters birthday.



That’s right! We’re welcoming Colleen into the Expressions by Jamie team!

This is an exciting growth jump for us and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

What this means for EBJ and you –

  • We now have two photographers to handle the influx we’ve seen in clients, sessions, and weddings over the past three years.
  • You have the ability to choose which photographer you’d like to take care of you. Simply use the drop-down arrow on our inquiry form you are already familiar with filling out to set up your sessions.
  • Colleen loves the EBJ process you know and love just as much as Jamie herself! She’ll take great care of her clients ensuring you are getting that same great customer service you are accustomed to.

Colleen has completed her training intensive and is starting to take on clients –

but in true EBJ fashion, we have some amazing opportunities for you to help welcome her in!



*The first five sessions to book with Colleen will get an automatic 30% off their already lower associate photographer session rate!

Click HERE to fill out your inquiry form today!*