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Tamara is my co-leader of TuesdaysTogether – Gettysburg, a monthly local gathering of creative entrepreneurs. Although Tam is my second cousin, leading this group of amazing business owners has brought us closer together.  I have been so excited that this new path did something I wasn’t expecting!  It has allowed an avenue where I’ve gotten to know her on a deeper level both personally and professionally and can now share with you all the force behind Tamara & Company.

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

A couple of months ago, Tam asked me to shoot a branding session for her new microblading studio and expanding team. At the time, I was in the beginning stages of putting together this year’s holiday gift guide. Knowing a trip to Tamara’s salon would be a welcome surprise under the tree for anyone, I asked her to participate and she enthusiastically agreed.

Part of my mission with this year’s holiday guide was to introduce you to amazing businesses in our community and help you get to know the faces behind them better. Because, you know – when you buy from a small business an actual person does a happy dance!  I asked Tamara a few questions about how she got started and what she loves most about what she does. After reading her responses, I know you’ll love her just as much as I already do!

When did you start your business and what inspired you to do so?

While walking alongside my dad in his fight against lymphoma, I became his bone marrow donor. During the process of preparing for that, I felt called to give back to those who suffer hair loss due to cancer. This led me to become a certified microblading artist. The very cool thing, though, is that I thought my impact would be with cancer patients, but in reality I’ve been able to make a difference to many women. I’ve had many clients who suffer hair loss for reasons other than cancer, and have had both the honor and privilege to work with them. Expanding my business beyond microblading has also been fun. We now offer other permanent cosmetics, which also save women time in their everyday makeup routines. It truly has been a win-win situation.  

Who do you help and how with your business?

I can help both men and women, but to date our clients have been all women. Lots of women are searching to a safe + lasting alternative to the time consuming routine of daily makeup. Let’s face it, all women want to feel beautiful…it’s why we go to all the trouble we do to put makeup on in the first place. I believe a lot of women feel like they are ‘last on the list’. Women were designed to be caretakers, we have hearts that want to nurture others so it comes naturally to put others before ourselves. Especially moms!! Through the services we offer, we have the opportunity to pamper women, and help them look and feel beautiful without so much effort every day. Who wouldn’t prefer to drink coffee or tea with a few extra minutes to spare in the morning rather than painting on eyebrows or eyeliner?!

Is there a specific charity/cause or annual community event that you contribute to?

We just recently launched ‘The Boutique’, our online shop that was designed with the purpose to give back. We want everything we do to make an impact for good. When any item is purchased, 10% of that purchase is donated to Sowers4Pastors, a missionary family making a huge impact in Honduras. By partnering with us, people can be confident that their purchase is going beyond a storefront. We are able to help children in need of food and vitamins, pastors in need of Bibles and study materials, and together with Sowers4Pastors you are even helping to build bridges…literally…to those in remote villages so they can reach places like hospitals during seasons of flooding. We believe in changing lives!

What do you love most about the drive behind your business?

What I love most about the drive behind my business is it keeps me going every day! On the good days and bad days alike, there is purpose in all I do.

What are three fun facts about yourself and your team?

Tamara – I’m a huntress, and I grew up with a love for shooting both bow and rifle. My dad was a MD State Bow Champion…twice! Some of the fondest memories I have of spending time with him center around archery.

Ashley – I have been a dog groomer for almost a decade. While I do love my four legged clients, I’m very excited for the two legged ones that are coming. Also, while I come from a family of hunters, my love is fishing (they actually do that too).  I am blessed with the opportunity to live in an area where I can easily teach my children things that I love.  

Sara – I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in northern Maryland. While the holidays have always been hectic because of this, the are also extra special because they hold such a deep meaning for me and my family.

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.comTamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

Tamara & Company | ©Expressions by Jamie | www.expressionsbyjamie.com

Tamara, thank you for participating in this year’s gift guide, being a guiding light in our community and supporting such an amazing cause throughout the year. I can’t wait to see all the good things 2018 holds for you , your business and your team.