peyton | milestone


When photographing little ones, I’m never sure until the day of the session, how they will do in front of the camera. Some, while energetic and playful with friends and family, are shy when the focus is on them. Others feel right at home while the camera is snapping. Two-year-old Peyton is the later!

Peyton’s mom Brooke reached out to capture her playful little girl’s two year milestone and spending the afternoon with sweet Peyton was so much fun. Even at two, Peyton has a way of captivating you with her big smile and infectious spirit. Renfro Park was the perfect place to let this vibrant girl have fun and capture all of the things that make her special.

Right now, Peyton’s favorite things are the Pete the Cat book and her stuffed rabbit, Hoppy. The book is almost as big as her, but watching her try and read it to herself is absolutely adorable! Her stuffed rabbit is pretty cute as well, and Peyton loves to take it everywhere with her.

One of my favorite parts of Peyton’s session was how comfortable she was with me photographing her. While a little shy to start, she opened up quickly and was also willing to strike a pose. Every time I asked her to pose she would pop a hip or do some kind of movement. She was a natural and we may even have a future model on our hands!

Brooke, I had so much fun at the park with you and Peyton. She is a such an amazing little girl and her personality is infectious. I can’t wait to see how she grows through the years. I know she is going to captivate everyone she meets the way she captivated me!