now I lay me down to sleep


mama and me – project partner series [art. one]


Image: © Sandy Puc


In the weeks leading up to our Mama and Me event, I will be sharing with you a little bit about each of our wonderful partners helping to make this project happen.   In creating this, we discovered that providing mini sessions gives us an opportunity to provide two fantastic things: new clients get to sample our work while reaping the benefits of our partner donations, AND it opens a door to support notable, worthy charity organizations!

 Which charity?


I’m starting off this project partner series by sharing with you the best reason for our event, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (NILMDTS). Expressions will be donating a portion of all proceeds (session bundle + sales from sessions) from the Mama and Me sessions to the organization. Donations to NILMDTS are used to offset the massive costs needed to continue the mission of photographers providing the gift of remembrance photography for parents suffering the loss of a baby.



As many as 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and an estimated 24,000 babies are stillborn (20 wks+) in the United States. These are gut-wrenching statistics that have torn the hearts of so many, including ours.

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In 2008, the Fisher family suffered their first loss of a little love. We became part of this silent community that was seemingly a modern taboo. In 2013, our hearts were heavy yet again as two more precious souls were not granted time on this earth. At the time, we felt lost and afraid of the future, but we soon found out we were not alone.

Unlike us, there are many families that actually get to see the faces of these little miracles created, and every minute is sacred. NILMDTS helps these families by affiliate photographers donating their time and skill set to provide a gift of remembrance photography for these suffering parents. Find out more about the mission and history of the organization here.

I first found out about the foundation at a photographers’ workshop in 2009 and felt compelled to join. The photographer’s application, however, did not make it any further than my desk. My mind was ready, but my heart was not. It wasn’t until this year that I felt I would be able to emotionally handle giving this gift to grieving parents, and now I have found yet another way to help those families.

But I’m going out of town to see MY MAMA for Mother’s Day . . .

We LOVE hearing families planning to be together for holidays, especially when it involves celebrating the ones we love the most! If you won’t be near Renfrew Park on May 7th this year, not to worry! You will miss out on a fabulous offer BUT not on a way to get involved! Expressions by Jamie is supporting the foundation in as many ways as we can. Due to the limited number of mini sessions available, we wanted to offer another way for our community to get involved and help our cause.


Help us reach our goal this season by donating directly through Minis for Mamas.