day one | 31 day – meet the maker challenge


march meet the maker series

 day one | •you•

I may have missed the official first day of #MarchMeetTheMaker, but I’m here! If you’ve followed Expressions for any length of time you know I LOVE a good challenge, especially when it’s something that brings us closer together! This is me (and my sister) just enjoying some Smith Mountain Lake rays this past summer! I’m the founder of Expressions by Jamie, an Irish Twin Momma and sushi lover, Jamie. I have a thing for people, places and stories – they get my heart pumpin’!

Growing up it was a weekly occurrence to hear my Dad say “Jame, don’t you ever slow down?” My answer would always be the same. “You gotta live while you’re livin’!” Needless to say my laundry pile has always been fuller than my gas tank.

Although dressing up makes me (feel like I) have it all together and who doesn’t love a good heel?  I am a massive fan of comfy clothes. Give me an over-sized sweatshirt and yoga pants and I still feel like I can take on the world – one snuggle at a time.

Online, where it seems you can be anything you want to be I choose to use the power for good and be as transparent as possible. Most of my clients find me through social media and I want you to know exactly who you’ll be working with. It also allows me to find out neat things we have in common a lot sooner and I’ve made such great friends in the process!

You’ll be seeing a lot more posts than my normal once or twice a week here in the next 31 days, but as the rest of the year is busy busy I welcome the chance to get to know everyone better and share a little more of the ‘by Jamie’ part of Expressions 

Want to a preview as to what’s to come? Here is  Joanne Hawkers – March Meet The Maker prompt list!

Want to join the journey?  Check out the website designed specifically to help you successfully execute this Instagram Challenge!  See you in the hashtag – #MarchMeetTheMaker !