getting to know jamie | personal


Last year was a big year for Expressions when I decided to finally start consistently blogging. I began by sharing each of my sessions here on the blog as a way to keep an updated portfolio, give each client that “front page newspaper” feeling they deserve and to help showcase various projects and businesses. However, it turned out to also be an amazing way to connect with each of you sharing details about my process and tidbits about my family.

Since blogging has become such an important part of my business workflow, I decided this year that I wanted to start incorporating a few personal posts here and there as a way for each of you to get to know the human behind the camera a little more, not just in our Instagram stories. Whether you’re a longtime Expressions client or new friend, these posts will give you a look into the life of a busy photographer, mamma and wife, hopefully inspiring you along the way.

Let’s kick this off with sharing a little bit about my background. While you don’t have to have a degree to be a photographer, I did go on to college to pursue my degree in Media Arts with a concentration in Photography and TV Video from Robert Morris University. Once I had exhausted every photography course RMU had to offer, I took additional photography classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers to continue my education.

After walking across the stage in 2008, I took a job managing a local photography studio that specializes in school and sports photography. At that same time, I started Expressions focusing on weddings. Once the owner’s dissolved the studio to grow the school and sports side of their business, it allowed me to start taking families, high school seniors and newborn sessions through Expressions. I even have clients, like Shauna and her family, that have stayed with me since I first photographed them at the studio.

Education has always been extremely important to me. I’m a big believer that when you have a passion for something, like I do for photography, you should utilize every resource available to you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Even after college, I’ve made it a priority to take multiple workshops a year to continue bettering my craft and my business.

January, February and March are workshop (and the not so fun aspect – tax time) months for me. During these three months of the year, I try to attend every workshop, take every online course and participate in every challenge that I can in areas where the business needs improvement or industry is changing. Taking the time to do this allows me to serve you better in every aspect of my business from how I communicate and connect on social media to better editing techniques to the overall client experience.

These workshops are an important part of my business and I value the time I spend in each one and appreciate when an instructor does the same. One of my favorites is Tyler J. McCall. He creates amazing no fluff workshops and trainings giving you valuable information while respecting your time. If you’re looking for great educational courses for your business to help with your Instagram Strategy, I would definitely recommend him. Here’s my review of his latest course about Instagram Stories that he actually used in his marketing :

“Your workshop was a fabulous example of a no fluff training. Thank you for valuing our time and giving us amazing content we can immediately take action on.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I can’t wait to incorporate more content like this on the blog while to getting to know you better as well. Drop a comment here to tell us ways you stay on top of your business and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to introduce yourself if you’re a new face!