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I met Katie Meek of Meekly Yours when we both participated in the Baltimore Styled Shoots Across America. Meekly Yours is a hand lettering, illustration and graphic design studio that focuses on creating fun, inspirational pieces meant to bring joy. Katie and I kept in touch by following each other’s work on social media after the styled shoot and when I began putting together this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, I knew she had to be a part of it.

As a graphic design major in college, Katie was first exposed to hand lettering and illustration. After graduation she used it as a creative outlet from her day job and in 2015 opened Meekly Yours to share her work with the world. Starting with whimsical cards, Katie’s designs now also include bookmarks, prints and laser cut wood signs.

The mission and heart behind Meekly Yours is to share joy with the world. For Katie, it’s all about supporting women. “I strive to inspire and encourage creative, optimistic women through my whimsical, hand drawn stationery and home decor to bring joy to their homes, workplaces and everyday occasions. I believe that women are a true driving force in the world and building them up is one of the great secrets to changing the world for the best.”

We asked Katie some questions about her business and reading her answers makes us love her even more.

Is there a specific charity/cause or annual community event that you contribute to?

I’m passionate about people and empowering them with resources to become their best. In November, I am releasing a new Silver Spring print and the profits will go to supporting an incredible local nonprofit that supports our local community by providing valuable resources and education to those in need.

What do you love most about the drive behind your business? 

At it’s heart, my work is about creating moments of joy! I design my pieces to be bold and colorful so they stand out in a positive way. They bring a laugh or smile to customers and passerby when they see my work. There is so much negativity in the world and I love being able to use my talents in a small way to change that.

What are three fun facts about yourself? 

1 | I love stories. Whether it’s through the pages of a good book, an engaging interview or from the mouth of a new friend, I love hearing about others experiences and learning more about the world through their perspective.

2 | One of my favorite storytellers is graphic novelist Svetlana Chmakova. I am endlessly inspired by her wit, creative twists, compelling and humorous characters and the way she weaves wonderfully joyful moments into her plot lines.

3 | Despite living in cities my whole life, I feel completely at home in nature. I love stones, flowers and trees and I draw much of my inspiration from themes found in nature.

When creating this year’s holiday guide, one of the offerings included updated branding and product images for the participating business. Katie was excited to take advantage of this package to get some fresh images for the guide and her website.

Katie and I met halfway between our two businesses in Frederick, Maryland, for her branding session. As the daughter of a photographer, she was a natural in front of the camera and so trusting of my vision for her.

Included in this branding session were updated images of some of her products. Chained to a building, I spotted these little red tables that perfectly matched the cute red shirt and shoes Katie was wearing. Using these tables as the backdrop for her products was the perfect way to tie the whole shoot together.

Meekly Yours | Expressions by Jamie |

corporate branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

corporate branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

corporate branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

corporate branding session | ©Expressions by Jamie |

Katie, I had a blast getting to know you more and shooting your updated branding photos. I’m so glad to have you participating in this year’s holiday guide and know everyone will love your work as much as I do.