mackenzie, kameron + maddison | pet


snowy winter wonderland mini session

I have to say, this is one of my favorite sessions from the year. Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph my beautiful sister-in-law Mackenzie, but I got to do a session with her adorable lab-pit mixes, Kameron and Maddison.

Mackenzie has loved dogs for as long as I’ve known her. When she was about 12 she got her wish by adding a third dog to their family by batting those eyelashes and uttering the words “He makes my heart happy.” GAH! What parent can say no to that?! Any dog stories, pup articles, poochy products or wet-nose filled gifs instantly makes me think of her. When she told me she wanted to take some pictures with her pups for the holidays, I was excited to capture her love for Kam and Maddie first hand.

I met Mackenzie at 7:30 one morning to take advantage of that perfect post-sunrise light. It had just snowed the night before creating this winter wonderland for her session. With a little extra Christmas spirit in our midst with a holly bush, the backyard was perfect for our location.

With this mini session, I not only wanted to capture the three of them together but also the individual personalities of each dog. Maddison, 1, is an energetic little puppy. During our session, she was jumping up and down like a bunny up as high as Mackenzie’s head! She had me laughing so hard the whole time.

While Maddison is full of energy, Kameron, 5, is much calmer. During Maddie’s bouncing session, Kam sat calmly in the snow starring in her direction. Until she got near him, then all bets were off.  You could tell he was definitely thinking “Settle down so I can go back in the warm!”. He is a gentle loving soul who loves to cuddle and we were definitely able to capture that during our session.

Mackenzie, thank you for letting me capture your love for dogs and your sweet fur babies. I had the best time watching Maddie play in the snow. Her energy is infectious and Kam is just the sweetest little boy.