luke + lydia | family


I absolutely love sharing from a session on the blog and incorporating personal words from those I’ve photographed. Clients usually share a little about what’s going on in this phase of their life detailing personalities, interests and some of their favorite memories. Not only is it fun for the readers to get to know the people on the screen a little better, but it serves as a wonderful online heirloom for each client’s generations. 

As long as the JFC blog is around, they, along with friends and family, will be able to look back and feel as if they’re transported to that moment in time again. Over time our memories can fade and we may not remember the excitement we felt in the moment or the specific interests of each of our little ones. But, by putting these feelings into words when they’re happening, you’ll be able to vividly remember every little detail and that is priceless. 

Luke + Lydia are long-time JFC clients and best friends! Over the years I’ve had the privilege of capturing some of life’s most important milestones for them and their two daughters, Evelyn + Amelia. For these friends of ours, I love that their little girls will be able to look back on these images, read their mama’s words and be transported back to this moment. Since they’re so young, they likely won’t remember much of it as they grow, but this blog will help them and that’s more than anyone could ask for!

From Lydia: Wow. I’m not sure where to begin. We have traditional values and spontaneous interests. We love going to church as a family, sitting around the dinner table (or breakfast if we are not going to be together for dinner due to our schedules) together, and we work hard to play hard. We love playing outside together or eating popcorn and having movie nights. There is a lot of love, but a lot of structure in our home. We support the girls and allow them to learn and grow while exploring their interests. Our favorite things during this season of life include eating chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday mornings, reading books and big “sandwich” (group) hugs – Amelia is usually the ketchup. Haha! 

Last year’s family session for Luke + Lydia was special because it took place at their newly completed forever farmhouse. We were able to capture this family for the first time in front of the home that will nurture their girls and hold so many precious memories. But, this year’s session was far more special as Luke + Lydia are celebrating 10 years of marriage!

In addition to that milestone, this year’s session is also celebrating Evelyn turning five and heading off to kindergarten. With Amelia in pre-K as well, this busy family has a lot going on. It was wonderful to capture them relaxing and just having fun together as a family. Throughout our session Evie+ Millie showed their authentic personalities while playing together. They are at an age where they barely notice the camera which allow Luke + Lydia to relax as well.

Luke + Lydia, capturing your family every year is one of my favorite sessions. The girls are growing up so fast and I can’t believe Evelyn is already starting kindergarten. Don’t you wish you could just freeze time for a moment and let them stay this little for just a while longer?! I’m excited to see what the next year holds for all of you!