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classic winter baker park family session

As I mentioned in Baby Jack’s post, I like to gift a few sessions every year to deserving families. It’s my way of recognizing their incredible stories and giving back to those that have gone through a hard time or do a lot of good for our community.

Jenny + Josh are one of those families. I first met Jenny in high school and had photographed her little nephew, Maximus, for his first birthday. September of last year, I saw a picture Jenny shared on Facebook of her daughter Madeline surrounded by bags and bags of breast milk.

Jenny had an excess supply that she had frozen. Having well beyond what she would need, Jenny decided to donate it to mothers in need. Knowing how much effort it takes to breastfeed a child, I was in awe of her generosity and willingness to continue producing for families she had never met.

After seeing the photo, I reached out and offered Jenny and her family a complimentary session to show her that her caring spirit is recognized and appreciated. I was thrilled when Jenny contacted me to finally take me up on my offer and come up from southern Maryland.

On a very chilly evening, I met Jenny + Josh, their two kids Jeffrey (3) and Madaline, nicknamed Mae Mae, (21 months), and their au pair Barbara at Baker Park. Barbara cares for both children, and is like a member of the family so it was only natural for her to be included.

Jenny did a great job dressing the whole family in classic Christmas red, black and white so that they coordinated but didn’t match exactly – something I encourage all my families to do. Maddie’s black and white houndstooth coat was absolutely adorable and did a great job of keeping her warm and happy.

From Jenny: Watching the kids interact is pure joy! Maddie tries to follow every foot step of Jeffrey. Sometimes he forgets she’s smaller, but she stands her ground. He’s proud to tell other kids during play dates that she’s his “Mae mae”.

Jenny + Josh, thank you for your generosity and for giving so much back to mothers and families. I am honored to give a little something back.  Please know your efforts have not gone unnoticed. I loved spending the evening with your beautiful family. Thank you for braving the cold with me and making the trip from southern Maryland to make this happen.