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I started my business over ten years ago at a time when it was just me. Ricky and I weren’t married yet and having our three beautiful littles weren’t even on the horizon. While I dreamed of what my business would grow into, I never could have imagined this beautiful path when I began.

Over the last year, so much has changed with my business including adding the Legacy Collection, expanding my team and adding an education component launching next year. As each of these new components was added to the business, it felt more and more like the business name no longer fit my heart and mission. Over the last few months, it became abundantly clear that Expressions had fulfilled its time and a brand refresh needed to reflect everything I was pouring into everyone who got in front of my camera.  

When I first hired Kelsea of Kindly by Kelsea, we talked about what I wanted this business to represent for the next 10 plus years. To me, photography is not just about capturing a single moment in time, it’s about preserving family legacy. Through every session and event, I want to capture the heart and soul of my clients so that one day, their future generations will know who they are even if they’ve never met them and not just see what they looked like.

Since my own heritage is incredibly important to me, my name was something I knew I wanted to keep. The legacy it has is uniquely mine and marries both sides to this wonderful brand refresh. Jamie has been part of the business name since the beginning and represents a girl with a whole lot of ambition, who got her hands dirty, continued her education way past college and has gotten to know some pretty great people in the process. Although my last name has changed since getting married it was important to me that Fisher now be a part of what I had created. It brings with it an expanded vision of what I can give back to people, an application of all that I’ve learned, a greater purpose than only being responsible for myself, leadership and growth. The newly named Jamie Fisher Collective shows the personal touch and dedication to legacy that each my clients can expect.

The final third part of the name change came with consideration in expanding my brand that would transition seamlessly between offerings and as services continue to grow. The word “collective” came naturally and felt so right for what we have been and will be doing. Meaning “belonging to a group or family” and “gathered together”, it represents not only my family and I, but those that work alongside me.

And so, Jamie Fisher Collective is born! This new, inclusive brand is timeless and limitless. It allows me, my future team and our clients to dream big and do all things with a mission to preserve our own legacy.

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