holly + daryl | family


It’s always amazing to see how small the world can really be. Holly + Daryl are first time EBJ clients and after getting to know them during our session, I learned that they live on the same street as the first home I shared with my husband. Their two sons are also about the same age as our girls. While we lived right down the street from each other, we never met until now.

I joined this sweet family at Carroll Valley Park for a morning golden hour session. As the year goes on and sunrise gets later in the morning, it provides the perfect opportunity to catch that dreamy lighting without having to wake up at too early.

From Holly: It truly is a joyous time in our lives. Our boys, at the ages of two and four, are inquisitive and vivacious to say the least. Andrew and Matthew are both truly all boy. They play hard and love even harder. They both have huge hearts and are very compassionate. In addition, love to run, jump, climb and create elaborate structures out of any building materials that are readily available. Our boys have brought us so much joy and truly make our life richer than we ever imagined.

Even in the early morning hours, Holly + Daryl’s two boys Andrew + Matthew had plenty of energy to spare. But, with big, delicious breakfast at their favorite place waiting for them at the end of the session, they were quick to smile and follow instruction. When it comes to shooting kids, my years of experience and the fact that I have two (soon to be three!) babes of my own, help me know exactly what my littlest clients need to feel comfortable and ready to smile in any moment.

For every family or group session, I encourage clients to coordinate, but not match their outfits exactly. A mix of solids, patterns and coordinating colors/layers gives visual balance to your images. Coordinating in burgundy, blue and gray, Holly + Daryl and their boys were dressed perfectly!

To finish out our session, Andrew and Matthew spent a few minutes playing on the playground while I captured a few images of Holly + Daryl alone together. This is something I do at every family session because, as a busy mom myself, I know how focused we are on capturing our kids that we often forget to take a moment to be in the picture ourselves. It’s the perfect way to end every family session!

Holly + Daryl, I’m so glad you found EBJ and chose me to capture your sweet family. I can’t believe we haven’t met until now! Andrew + Matthew are the such great boys and I had a blast hanging at the park with you all. Hopefully this is just the first session of many!