growing our family | expecting baby fisher #3



We have such exciting news to share… Baby Fisher #3 is on the way!

There is so much to be thankful for and to prepare for that my emotions have felt like a whirlwind most days, but one thing is for sure. Life is just getting sweeter as we follow this journey.





New studio.

New member of the EBJ team.

10 years of business.

Five years of marriage.




When He nudged the conversation of a new little love, I’m sure glad I listened. Ricky and I spent every night for a week going over any and all things a new baby might mean for our family. Little did we know a precious little soul had already been given to us. Cue the tears all day every day because #pregnant.

Yes, this was a complete surprise! We had JUST gotten into what we felt was a great work/life balance. Ricky was faithfully working full time, completing his degree and finishing our basement (which will be my studio) and we had a handle on things. But as they say “If you want to see God laugh, tell him your plans.”

I had always wanted a third baby, but when it was presented right there in front of me I felt so many things! I was overwhelmed, baffled, shocked and excited all at the same time! A few minutes after finding out, I glanced across the bathroom counter and saw a mug my sweet husband had left there with the words ” My Favorite People Call Me Dad” . . .  and all my worry was released.

There truly is NO better gift.



I look at Claire and Caroline and cannot wait to discover this next, new little person. While this timing was a big surprise, God has made it clear to me over and over again: His timing is PERFECT and flawless, so is His plan. And honestly the older I get, the more I realize that life is a crazy ride, I’m not in control and I’ll enjoy it a lot more if I just let go and go along!



Just for fun here are some pregnancy updates!

How far along are you / when are you due?

I’m 17 1/2 weeks as of writing this post… due February 26th. Both of our other girls were born in the winter as well, so YAY for off-season timing! I had to get real creative early on this time around as my sweet little belly has popped out so stinkin’ fast with baby #3, there is no more hiding it! I am shooting a wedding for the sweetest couple in January and when I called to tell them the news (and give them the chance to book another photographer) they cut me off immediately, joined me in celebrating and insisted that if I was comfortable with the timing that they wanted me there to capture their big day! I am so blessed to have clients like Gabby + Cameron.

How have you been feeling?

I now truly know what it’s like to be part of the “morning” sickness club. Ladies – I FEEL YOU! This pregnancy has had me seeing the bathroom and couch 80% more than both of the girls combined! I’m talking, even something simple like editing or scrolling through an email made me have to look away from the screen. Thankfully, this is FINALLY starting to dissipate. I no longer can eat any dairy – bye bye my sweet sweet love of cheese and lemon water is now my best friend.

Are you finding out the gender this time?

Yes!! We will be finding out the baby’s gender! We found out with both of the girls and had so much fun building cribs and decorating nurseries together that we can’t wait to do it again! AND you may think he’s crazy, but Ricky is hoping for a third little girl! I guess being a Girl Dad is really growing on him 🙂

What cravings have you had?

Even though this pregnancy has been so different already I’ve had the same cravings so far as both of the girl’s pregnancies!

1st trimester: salty – Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Alfredo Sauce, Dippy Eggs

2nd trimester (so far): clean, green and cold – sugar snap peas, broccoli, lemon water, frozen bananas

Anticipate 3rd trimester to be wanting ALL the chocolate chip cookies!

How did you tell the girls?!

We told the girls the night our little secret became 12 weeks along. Right before bedtime, we all climbed up in bed as we do for our regular story time. As the girls sat there waiting and probably wondering why we hadn’t started any books yet, Ricky asked them if they knew why Mommy’s belly had gotten a little bigger. Caroline (2.5 yrs) sat and was deep in thought, Claire (3.5 yrs) thought for a moment too and then her eyes got HUGE! She said shyly…There’s a baby in there??? Immediately both girls squealed with excitement and with each piece of new information we told them like the current size of the baby and how the baby could hear our voices they became more and more excited. Claire’s little eyes filled up with tears as she smiled the biggest I’d ever seen her smile. Laughter and more squealing filled the air as they both hugged my belly and instinctually started talking straight into my belly button “Hey baby, this is Cara-wine.” “Hey baby, this is Claire!” I went on to explain that I’d be wearing pants that looked a little funny and showed them how the panel expanded for when my belly was REALLY big. More laughter followed and then our sweet Caroline did something that I thought was going to have us all pee the bed! Caroline asked if she could sit in my pants with “the babes”….needless to say, the girls took turns sitting inside my maternity yoga pants!





Thanks for sharing in this joy with us. The best is yet to come!