emily + josh | engaged


Working with #JFcouples to create a session that is personalized to their interests gets my photographic heart excited! It’s not always easy to highlight individual hobbies while still representing who they are together. However, with Emily + Josh’s engagement session, we were able to do just that.

This fun-loving couple chose Gettysburg as our session location where we transitioned between four spots in particular, each focusing on their individual interests for our session as well as who they are as a couple. Josh’s one request for their engagement session was to utilize Four Corners Comic Book Store as one of the locations. Josh loves comics and it was so nice to be able to highlight something that is important to a groom-to-be in this session.

Getting to the store a few minutes before Emily + Josh allowed me to scope out the location, take into consideration the lighting and equipment I might need and be able to start our session on time. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to meet the owner for our session. He knows Josh from his visits to the shop and pulled a few of Josh’s all-time favorite collectible comics to display behind them during this portion of our session. Emily even bought a special shirt to wear just for the comic book engagement photo portion to show her support.

From Emily: We met on a blind date. We were set up by a mutual friend. The best part of the story is that her boyfriend (who knew Josh at the time) said that he had “nothing to do” with the blind date. Josh proposed in December, shortly before Christmas at Wynridge in York. We were supposed to be having dinner with the same friends that we originally went on the blind date with. Josh knows that I love Christmas, so during our meal, Josh said that I had to come see a Christmas tree that comic book characters on it (ironically). I was initially hesitant, but our friends encouraged that I come along. When I walked into the main entryway, all of our closest friends and my family were there. He proposed in front of the grand (non-comic book) Christmas tree. Plus, afterward, he had the brewing room reserved where we all had dinner together.

During our entire night, I found myself on repeat with Emily telling her that she was a natural model! However Josh would be for a shot, Emily would end up fitting perfectly with him with practically zero direction which made photographing them a breeze and genuine expressions abundant. They naturally just went together and it was obvious how much they love each other.

In the begging of our session, Emily had told me about Josh’s new business venture and it just so happened that it was close by! One look at it and you could see it was the perfect location for downtown shots of these two and infusing even more personal ties to their engagement images was so awesome! The historic brick building has a white bottom half and reflected the most perfect lighting to capture the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. in a place that will be such an intricate part of their future.

Incorporating some intimate date style photos like at Karson + Daniel’s winery date night inspired engagement session. Emily’s short playful dress was a perfect choice for our next spot. We found a new place close the square in Gettysburg called J&P Winery that served wine slushies, Emily’s favorite! It was a neat little stop to capture these two in a relaxed setting, just enjoying each other’s company.

It was finally time to highlight Emily’s request of tall grassy fields that pepper Gettysburg’s battlefields.  Emily changed into a long flowing dress that was ideal for this setting. The golden hour light cast a beautiful hue over the grass as the two hand in hand walked down the freshly mowed path. It was the perfect ending to their engagement session!

Emily + Josh, I had a great time exploring downtown Gettysburg with you and getting to know you as a couple better. Thank you for sharing your favorite places with me and showing me a glimpse of your life/life-to-come so we could make beautiful images together. I can’t wait to capture your wedding day. I know it will a stunning day representative of the two of you!