dr. caitlin faas | personal branding


Personal branding sessions are about telling a story. You want to tell the story of the person behind the brand, the story of their work and the story of how they help and serve others. It’s a deep dive into a person’s passion and what sets their soul on fire. Unlike corporate headshots, which can feel stuffy and impersonal, branding sessions like this one allow potential clients to get to know the brand before making hiring decisions. In this day and age, that’s incredibly vital for any business.

I met Dr. Caitlin Faas when Tamara and I began the Gettysburg chapter of the Rising Tide Society’s Tuesdays Together. She was one of our first members and we instantly hit it off. In addition to being a tenured psychology professor at Mount St. Mary’s University, Caitlin is a life and weight coach helping overwhelmed professionals live a healthy and fulfilling life. 

From Caitlin: I started coaching clients in 2016 when I realized I could help people beyond my university students. I love my job as a professor and found I became a better teacher when I started coaching. I have coached clients from around the world on their career and academic choices. In 2019, I added my Life Coach and Weight Coach certification from The Life Coach School. Now I love to help busy professionals stop overeating, stop overdrinking, and stop procrastinating. Watching clients transform their lives through my tailored programs is so rewarding! I’m grateful I get to help people become their best selves every single day.

Caitlin has been serving clients for a couple of years now, but never made the investment into personal branding. As her business continued to grow, she knew it was the right time to capture images of her brand to use across her website and social media. When she called, I was excited to capture her passion for serving other academics. 

For Caitlin’s session, we met at Mount St. Mary’s where she teaches. Her session began in the library on campus where the stacks of books provided a fun backdrop. I even had her grab some of her favorite books for us to incorporate. Since Caitlin works with many of her clients over video chat, we also wanted to capture that element of her business by including her microphone and computer. This gives potential clients a glimpse into what working with Caitlin will look like for them and will help Caitlin authentically portray her brand online.

Caitlin, I loved being able to help you bring your brand to life through this session. You’re doing amazing work for your clients already and I’m excited for the future of your business. I know these photos will only help you attract more ideal clients to serve!