day four | 31 day – meet the maker challenge


march meet the maker series

 day four | •favorite to make•

My all-time fave has to be ALBUMS! How do I see the significance in this seemingly digital world? EASY! It gives you a tangible legacy to pass down to tell your story again and again.

Sure, you can tell the same story by pulling up beautiful images on a screen – but there is something so magical about holding an heirloom in your hands. Feeling the soft leather or the linen texture of a handmade professional book in your hands brings everything to life. That “new car smell” rises from the album as you open it. It’s sturdy pages give even more weight to your story as you share not only what you used to look like, but how you felt in that chapter of your life.

 Sweet memories of how everything went silent for what seemed like forever when you were saying your vows and all you could think about was kissing your husband.

 Even though there were too many sleepless nights while learning how to be a mother than you care to remember, your little love always melted all the tiredness away by touching your cheek with her little hand – even at four days old.

 How your senior can talk about nothing else other than riding horses since she was two, has carried on her love for them and now she has beautiful sunset images with her best four-legged friend.

It’s me getting to be a fly on the wall as you look through your album for the first time and I see the joy on your face as you’re recollecting this season. For me, this is the greatest satisfaction I could as for as your photographer.



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