day five | 31 day – meet the maker challenge


march meet the maker series

 day five | •photography•

Something I get a ton of DM’s about is how to best take photos of your products! Pictured here is a #BTS of a flatlay setup for my good friend Colleen with Pampered Chef! So! What are my go to tips?

(1) Background –
Choose a background that reflects the personality of your brand. This could be a simple sheet of poster board, textured scrapbook page or an element commonly found at your place of business like flooring or counter tops.

(2) Layout –
When conducting a birds eye view of your product, have a main focus item or color then play around with placement and add in details. Elements that were used in the process ,fresh florals or fruit within your color scheme really help bring an organic, natural touch to your final image.

(3) Light –
Reduce shadows and get a clean even look to your photo by either taking your photo outside in a shaded area or by placing your set up a few feet away from a window with indirect sunlight. Using a reflector (or white foam board) on the opposite side of the direction of your light source will bounce the light back and fill in any shadows you may not want!

Most importantly – HAVE FUN! During the making of this image I almost fell off the chair that is propping up my reflector so a quick swap of a lens and adjusting where I needed to stand was the trick. Instead of getting frustrated, I just laughed, readjusted and that face came as an outtake   Doesn’t the finished image look super tastey?! Bonus – Colleen actually made the chicken caesar pasta skillet dish for me that evening! YUM!

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Want to join the journey?  Check out the website designed specifically to help you successfully execute this Instagram Challenge!  See you in the hashtag – #MarchMeetTheMaker !